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How Our Son Turned Our Lives Upside Down with the Baby Crib Question

As it is for all parents, the birth of our son, Mark, was a fresh start in multiple ways for my wife and me. Firstly, there was the simple yet indescribable joy of holding a new life in our hands. This little, fragile, and incredibly sweet bundle of life, which, from the moment of his birth, my wife and I trusted wholeheartedly. It’s something you have to experience yourself to truly grasp. From that moment on, an unspoken agreement existed between the three of us: we, the adults, my wife and I, would do everything possible to ensure his start in life was as good as can be.

However, we didn’t initially consider that our son would also contribute to this effort – essentially from the very beginning. Of course, even before the due date, we had already pondered these things. Particularly, the obvious question of how to furnish the baby’s room had occupied us for weeks and months before the birth. We gladly engaged in studying catalogs and online shops, examining the available baby cribs, children’s beds, and kids’ furniture, often spending evenings and even nights doing so.

Our Advantages at a Glance

Price-Quality Ratio
Price-Quality Ratio 100%
Baby-friendly and Eco-treated
Baby-friendly and Eco-treated 100%
Large Inventory
Large Inventory 95%
Short Delivery Times
Short Delivery Times 95%
Only EU Goods, No Asia Imports
Only EU Goods, No Asia Imports 100%

Experts in Baby Cribs

What occupied us was the simple question of how to find the best bed for our child. To our surprise, we found enjoyment in exploring this question. We dedicated more and more time to it, examining the available products as closely as possible, comparing prices, educating ourselves about the materials used, the woods, the paints, and the various methods of manufacturing baby cribs. Gradually, and without intending to, we became experts in children’s furniture. The subject had, so to speak, “captivated” us. We were passionate about it.

At the same time, several couples in our extended family and circle of friends were expecting children, so naturally, we exchanged thoughts with them about baby cribs and children’s furniture. Since we had gained considerable knowledge on the subject, we soon became known as experts in baby cribs and children’s furniture. It was, therefore, almost inevitable that shortly after, mothers and fathers we didn’t even know, but who had heard about us, reached out seeking advice on which baby cribs and children’s furniture we would recommend.

High-Quality Baby Cribs Recommended by Parents for Parents

The transition from providing recommendations to establishing an online shop with a wide range of high-quality baby cribs and children’s furniture was simply a logical step for my wife and me from that point onwards. We were already familiar with the manufacturers who crafted beds in which we would confidently place our own child. Since then, we have made sure that all our offerings prioritize the following aspects:

  1. Safety for the child through solid craftsmanship
  2. Practical for parents, comfortable for the child
  3. Environmental friendliness and non-toxicity of all materials used
  4. Appealing design
  5. Product sustainability and long-lasting durability

Due to these reasons, we refrain from offering cheap Asia imports and exclusively provide baby cribs and children’s furniture from European production. Only in this way can we ensure that the standards and criteria we set for high-quality baby cribs and children’s furniture are truly upheld.

Therefore, my wife and I owe not only the joy of parenthood to the birth of our son but also his birth ultimately led us to a new professional direction. Although it is not entirely accurate to say so: our shop for baby cribs and children’s furniture is not just a profession but rather a calling. We genuinely came to our shop just like a mother and father come to their child.

Accordingly, we run our business in a family-oriented manner and consider our customers as part of our family. We are always happy to assist you! Feel free to call us if you have any questions about our products or if you have any suggestions. Whenever possible, you can also find me or my wife available for live chat on this website. When your child sleeps in a safe, comfortable, and beautiful crib that perfectly meets your expectations, we have achieved what we hope for with

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